East Coast Road Trip: Day 4

Fishing Village of Cape Saint Mary, purple lupin in front of weathered house.

The third day of our trip we travelled from Annapolis Royal to Mahone Bay, we drove the road along the coast as much as possible which took us thru lots of small towns, starting with the port of Digby which is known for their scallops - and I've had them every which way since arriving in N.S.!!!  Sooo good.   My favorite stops along the way are the colourful, charming fishing villages.

A great colour scheme!!!  Weathered grey shingled house, tourquoise trim and yellow doors.  My absolute favorite colour on this trip is this bright yellow, I call it slicker yellow because its the colour of a rain slicker.  You see this colour everywhere, wild flowers that dot the side of the road, boats, front doors and entire houses are painted this colour.   I'm crazy for it paired with any shade of grey.

Fisherman's rope.....

I think this are crab traps?

Mavillette Beach,,Cape Saint Mary point in the background.

The beaches we've stopped at have been unoccupied....it was an overcast misty day which I love for photography, especially along the water.

A brief stop at the pier in Yarmouth for lunch, I've love to return one day and explore it a bit further, it was such a pretty town.

Our first stop of the day was Digby harbour, you can see how low the tide is early in the day.

I can't resist the stopping at every church we pass,,,but there's so many.....

These two churches above were side by side and built in early 1800's...

I've never seen such an abundance of hydrangeas, they're everywhere especially in this bright purple colour.  This house was surrounded with them and was even painted to match!

There are gorgeous cedar shake houses and buildings everywhere!!  I love them.

There are entire little towns with houses as beautiful as this.....and nestled around an ocean front coves and inlets.

All Photos:  Carol Reed