Chicken Gate

The Art of Doing Stuff: Chicken Gate

Chances are if you follow my blog you also follow one of my favorite bloggers Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff.  I've been a regular reader of her blog since it's early days and its one of the few I enjoy on a daily basis.   When I first stumbled upon her site I instantly recognized her from her hosting jobs on various HGTV shows over the years so I was already a fan of her witty humour and sense of style.  Karen's a skilled home improvement DIY'er and home cook who is devoted to discovering how to do stuff, useful stuff that saves you money and enhances your life.  She's one of the most dedicated bloggers I know, posting daily blogs full of original and unique content that will make make you laugh out loud while you learn something new.

This week on The Art of Doing Stuff you can read about a little project of Karen's that I was thrilled to to help her with (believe me, its a rare occasion this lady needs help with anything).  It involved her chicken coop (which I have to say is one of the most stylish chicken coops I've ever seen) that she built entirely by herself, of course.   Above is a little sneak peek of a chicken coop gate concept I recently sketched for her, it was one of 4 concept sketches - you can see the rest of them read all about it over on Karen's blog here .  Check back there on Thursday of this week to see some of her after pics.

Photo Illustration:  Carol Reed