Upload: May 12, 2010

I take a lot of photos every day and typically I upload them onto my laptop 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes hundreds at a time.  Collectively the photos are a snap shot of where I've been, what I've been sourcing, job site progress, what I find inspiring, things I love,  and things that I find interesting and worth keeping on file for future reference.   Here's a sampling of the latest images uploaded from my camera.

I found these two tile options for a fireplace I'm designing, one is made up of river rocks in resin which I thought was a great way to use river rocks in a more contemporary way.  The other is a beautiful marble with these fluid horizontal lines in soft bluey/greys and soft yellow tones - it reminded me of the sand and waves. 

I was on the hunt for a pair of twin cows and after an exhausting search (finding a pair of anything is always a challenge) I found a pair, not identical twins but closely related!   They'll be used to upholster a pair of custom benches.

I'm always amazed at the treasures stored away in my clients basements and attics.  This chair was found in the basement of my clients mom's house, inherited from her sister when she passed away.  I think it's a wonderful fit with this antique vanity I found for her back in January, some new fabric for the seat or a short slipcover skirt and its will be perfect!

Also stored away in the same basement, a pair of early 1900 antique lamps bought decades ago in Paris by the same Aunt.  They have solid brass bases with hand painted fabric shades and silk tassels.  Rare and gorgeous family gorgeous do they look on the little girl's vintage dressing table!

After hanging a series of botanicals in this same little girl's bedroom, the only thing now left for them to do is fill the bookcase up......

A favorite fixture I use a lot, its a bargain at less than $34.  Its perfect in character style homes and is great in hallways, laundry rooms or mudrooms. (from Lowes)

I was considering this large metal sphere pendant for a huge tall cathedral ceiling in Gails' Kitchen.......

But this one is the one we're going with, well almost like this - we're having this made taller, wider and with 8 lights instead of 4.  I love the distressed finish and the fact that its handcrafted by a local artisan.

My search for a 3 light island fixture came up short,,,,we have to have 3 lights but can only have one central junction box so a multi-light style fixture is the way to go.  I'd like something like this but not in this metal colour.

I like the colour of this metal and the vintage look but I'm looking for something with glass shades to give both up and downlighting.  But this fixture was a steal at only $499 (Union Home).

I liked the heritage style of this one and the glass shades but still hoping to find something more industrial or utilitarian looking.

I think I take a picture of these candlesticks everytime I'm in Crate & Barrel,,,,,they're hand crafted and I love them - they're on my own wish list!

Some modern style planters found at Loblaws garden centre.  3 sizes and 3 colours, but I realy wish they had them in white....

Accidental self portrait.  So whenever I upload my photos there's always about a dozen pictures likes this,,,,,me putting my camera in my bag. The touch screen on my Iphone drives me crazy!  In addition to daily shots like this, I also have a series of blurry photos of my feet and dark shots of the inside of my pockets.

A stack of vintage crates makes an instant bookcase, Queen West Antiques (next 6 photos)

I was crazy for this vintage bookcase, the flip up doors were missing the knobs but that's an easy fix.  I LOVE that the glass doors make each shelf like a display cabinet and its so practical for keeping the dust out.  I had to plant myself in front of it and email my client photos on the spot as someone else was inquiring about it at the same time as me.  Unfortunately,  it was slightly over this clients budget so I had to pass on it. : (  But I really regret having to do so, pieces like this truly make a space.

I'm seeing lots of vintage industrial style pieces popping up everywhere, and I love them.

Chair, Desk, Lamp.  Yes. Yes. Yes.

If I had an office to plan, I'd scoop up this modern classic cabinet in a heartbeat.  The amount of storage was fantastic and there were drawers inside drawers, and pullout shelves....

For the cool kids.....

Yes, I even take my camera to the ladies room with me - you never know when or where you'll discover some design inspiration!!  This bathroom was worth a second visit, it was so well done - i think it was the unexpected tree branches, so sculptural and organic and the combination of all white with the warm natural wood - always a winner with me.

The stalls were all wood and the full wall of mirror was perfectly used to create the illusion of depth and repetition.

Directly centred over each w/c was a pot light, you can see how dramatic the effect was....(not something we want to do at home!!).

The artwork was behind glass on metal standoffs.  The wall tile throughout was all white but was an interesting 3d basketweave pattern that had lots of texture.

A salvaged door with the most beautiful patina, I blogged about this door last week and the different ways I could imagine repurposing it.   Some smart ass commentor, who shall remain nameless, asked why I wouldn't just use it as a door!?  Well, because that would be EXPECTED.  ; )

I know a curler or two who might be interested in this!  What a beauty.

A visit to The Door Store (2 photos above, 8 photos below) is always inspiring - the store is full of the most gorgeous vignettes and full of examples on how to beautifully display collections.  Look at these old balusters, at only $20 ea they would make stunning pillar candle holders or simply displayed as is.

These beautiful vintage tiles were so pretty, i think they'd be wonderful mounted individually in frames.

Can you spot all the scottie dogs,,,,,,I love this display. : )

A collection of old pudding molds.  I think they look amazing displayed on this marble topped chest, a grouping of anything all the same has great visual impact as do a pair of lamps,  and nothing makes a statement like a pair of black shades, always a favorite of mine.

I think this was one of my favorite displays, a collection of old plaster moulds from a picture frame company hung above a fireplace.

Vintage blue glass jars - I'm picking up several of these for Gail's kitchen...

Industrial drawers - these are hot right now!

Hand made pottery, nothing over $20,,,,,

I think I could have done several blog posts just from this upload alone but I don't think I'd be able to write them fast enough to keep up with all the new daily images I have.  I'll have to start uploading photos more frequently i think....

My favorite photo of the past two weeks,,,,,construction underway on Gail's Kitchen!

Sourcing: Metal Shelving Units

Recently I'v been searching for a few additional pieces for 'the bachelor pad', aka Brian's Condo.  A few little things that weren't in our initial budget but as things progressed and the condo was coming together, we decided there were a few more items he could afford to add to the space now rather than later (ok, mostly 'he' decided, I just happily agreed).

There's this blank wall space beside his kitchen that is in full view from the Living and Dining area, it definitely needed some attention, needed something more than a piece of wall art, but what?  Since this is his first place, he doesn't have a lot of things to display or store, but eventually he will.  His kitchen is a decent size but he could use a bit of extra space for larger items, extra glass ware or seldom used kitchen tools,,,,,and maybe a place to display some of his prized trophies,,,,,,,,or a liquor cabinet perhaps?  We could go with something low and hang some artwork above (of which he doesn't have much at the moment) or a funky clock that I found,,,,,,or,,, we could go with a tall unit and use that for both display and storage.  Either way it would need to be something ready made not custom made or special order.

So with few requirements in mind I started searching,,,,,,our only limitations were size and budget, of which both were small.  Afterall, he just furnished the rest of the condo from scratch and now we were looking to spend more!  As for the style, I had something metal in mind, prefferrably a raw metal with wood shelves, something that evoked a bit of a modern industrial feel.  His kitchen cabinets are wood and the floor is wood too so I'd like to bring in some metal to break-up all that wood going on, but Brian's not a fan of too much shiny polished chrome or nickel.  While searching for this and other things, I've scoured vintage shops, consignment shops, Craigs List and every store front I came across and nothing much fit the bill with regards to this shelving unit.  I did come across a few industrial style cabinets but the prices were more than 4x our budget.  At this point, its time to reassess.  We need to make a selection from the options I did come across that were in our price range, even though it may not be exactly what we had in mind stylewise, or ,,,, adjust the budget - because its pointless to spend any more time looking for something that doesn't exist.  Here are our top picks and purely by coincidence, (?) they're all from the same source.

The Fulton Bookcase from Crate & Barrel
This unit had it all going on.....except the price.  $699 US

The Pilsen Bookcase from Crate & Barrel $249 US
This one worked as far as size goes and price was right, but I wasn't lovin it.

The Drake shelving unit from Crate & Barrel, $299 US
This one is similar to the Pilsen above but I like the cross-bracing detail which gives it that touch of industrial style.  So far this one is our top pick for price and style, although Brian's ultimate preference would be wood instead of glass shelves.  

The Antenna Bookcase by Crate & Barrel, $279 US
I thought this one was interesting,,,and no glass shelves (!) but we both prefer the darker metal.

I was intrigued by the potential in this unit from Lowes, I envisioned it with some distressed or antique wood planks placed on the wire shelves, which could take it up a notch.  But that would be a project, and Brian's not much of a DIY'er, so I've learned not to propose any DIY things to him unless I'm willing to DIM (do it myself!).  Next.

And then... I came across these today.....

Industrial Metal Cabinet, with metal shelves behind glass doors with rivet detail.

And, this Low Metal Cabinet with mesh doors

It was an modern industrial love match!  I was beyond excited - It was like finding buried treasure after months of hunting!!  Except it wasn't finders keepers today. : (  I could only 'keepers' if Brian was willing to splurge because sadly these were over our budget - but not nearly as much as the other industrial style pieces I've come across.  So, I didn't buy them today but I've sent him photos and we'll see if there's anyway he can possibly envision living without one of these.  Whichever one we chose, I'll post pictures in the coming weeks of the cool new unit in its stylish new home.